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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 13, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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it's senseless. here today and gone tomorrow. >> a man is dead after a hit-and-run accident. how police were able to find the driver. the rain has moved out of the region. how much we got and if we could expect more wet weather this week next in my skywatch forecast. >> as long as you've got the right gear, it's fine. >> a little rain doesn't stop ravens' fans. why his team was able to dominate the lions. live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. good evening. i'm jennifer gilbert. a 62-year old man is dead tonight after a hit-and-run. his family trying to deal with
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the tragedy through prayer. candice dold live where the accident happened. >>reporter: i'm standing on green spring avenue, which is usually a heavily-travelled area. last night the activity centered around flashing lights on the scene of the accident that killed james little and tonight his family is remembering his life that ended in tragedy. >> james would give you the shus off his feet and the coat off his back. he wouldn't harm anybody. >>reporter: after 9:00 saturday night, somebody put him in harm's way when he was walking on the side of the street. a driver was speeding down green spring avenue when she tried to swerve from hitting another car. when she did, she hit james and left him clinging for life. james was rushed to the hospital, where he was soon pronounced dead. police gathered a description of the vehicle involved in the crash and found the damaged jeep grand cherokee a mile away. it
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was sitting with a cracked windshield and broken headlight. the owner had a faint odor of alcohol on her breath and police issued a breathalyzer test. they then notified james' family with a knock on the front door sunday morning. >> the officers explained to me that my brother james little had got hit by a car. me and my oldest sisters, we just went and identified the body. damage of the mouth, the ears, the head looked like somebody ran off this part and the rest of it -- >>reporter: once she knew it was her brother, she began putting the pieces together, trying to figure out exactly what happened just a few blocks from her house. >> coming down here so he can support me in the morning because he would spend the night and go to church with me. i wouldn't miss it for the world.
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>>reporter: instead of witnessing his little sister's oerdination from a church pew, he watched it from above. baltimore city police continue to investigate the incident. the driver has not yet been charged. live in northwest baltimore, candice dold, fox 45 news at 10:00. a suspicious death in west baltimore after a wheelchair-bound man is found dead inside his home. fire officials were called to the building by a security system set off by sprifrng lawyers. investigators say it appears the victim was using a stove to warm his home and he had all of the burners turned on. the man's xaukt cause of death isn't known yet. police are investigating another suspicious death. the body of the man was found in northwest baltimore around 10:30 this morning. police aren't saying how he died. well, the conditions sure were less than perfect. in
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fact, it was downright miserable today. that didn't keep the ravens from a dominating her formance. bruce? >>reporter: it was a miserable day at the stadium. there's no question about that. if you could ignore the elements, it was a nice day to be a ravens' fan. ask the detroit lions. ravens up three- nothing. he gets sandwiched. mason didn't go down. takes off and goes 62 yards for the score. ravens take a 10-nothing lead. later in the second, ravens up 10-3. ray rice goes up the middle. breaks a couple of tackiels here and takes off. 59 yards to the end zone. ravens led 20-3 at the half. rice had 219 total yardos the day. third quarter, 34-3. zig-zags his way up the middle ung touched for the 19-yard score. his second touchdown on the day. the ravens keep their play-off
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hopes alive with a win over the lions. >> the offensive coaches put together a great game plan, but it was executed. throws were made. catches were made. the offensive line blocked exceptionally well. you can put together whatever game plan you want, but when the players execute the way they execute today, that is what makes the game plan look good. i'm proud of our players. i think that's where the credit belongs. >> we'll have much more on today's big win. full highlights and post-game reaction. we go one-on-one with the man of the hour, ray rice. it's all coming up on an expanded game-day edition of "sports unlimited." thousands of fans packed the stadium, despite the weather. some were out hours before the game proving they are anything bia fair-weather fan. they wore their purple pride and their pancho to the stadium. >> you gotta have the rain gear and boots.
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>>reporter: lots and lots of panchos. >> my wife got me this for christmas. this is the first time i got to wear it. >>reporter: the cold-and-soggy weather didn't stop dedicated ravens' fans for showing up before the game to tailgate. >> it's not bad. we've been to a lot worse than this. >>reporter: they came prepared, literally bringing the heat any way they could and staying in the huddle to stay warm. >> i know in pittsburgh they don't come out like this. >> as long as you've got a tent and the right gear, it's just fine. >>reporter: not every fan is as tough as these guys. this parking lot is normly packed. >> i think the weather has a lot to do with it. some are fair-weather fans. of course, the no-shows could have been like this fan and stayed in the car. >> everybody is hard core.
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>> what does that say about you? >> it says i'm a wusz. (laughter). >>reporter: they can't all be tough guys, but they are here supporting their team. in downtown baltimore, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. next sunday the ravens are at home taking on the chicago bears and you can watch the game live right here on fox 45. kickoff is 1:00. today's rain made the roads slick and of course, that means accidents. several krashs were reported today. this 1 at cherokee road and smith avenue in pikesville. two cars hit head-on. two people were taken to the hospital. there is good news. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the first look at our forecast. >> looks like we are seeing that rain that came down around the area. i was stuck in the rain. i went to the game with my son today and we were
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drenched. accumulated rainfall across the area anywhere from half an inch of rain to a quarter of an inch of rain, depending on where you were. along the i-95 corridor, we saw half an inch of rain. it came down at a pretty good pace through the afternoon. much of the activity scooted on out of here. we have breaks in the clouds right now. all that activity pushed to the northeast. we'll continue to see breaks in the clouds through the overnight and that shower activity is moving north. we have to deal with cooling temperatures through the overnight. 42 in baltimore. 41, d.c. we have a dense fog advisory stretching in to the western county. we'll probably get patchy fog around baltimore city down towards d.c., but drive carefully and give yourself extra time tomorrow morning because the roads will be wet out there. we have to deal with the fog through the morning. that dense fog advisory in place until
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6:00 a.m. until the fog burns off. we'll start off on a cool note. the sun will come out later in the afternoon. 48 by noon. looks like we have cooler air on the way. the good news is more sunshine to talk about. details coming up. the colder weather causes several water main breaks over the weekend. the most recent happened around 3:30 this morning. 155 houses without water. the break has since been fixed and the water service is back on. tiger woods' fellow pro-golfers supporting his leave of absence. up next, which of his endorsement deals are in trouble? they're smoking it out here so these little children cannot play over here. >> a pot uproar in one california community. why the marijuana farm is allowed to stay in business. young volunteers spending
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their sunday helping others. what made them choose to lend a hand, still ahead.
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lawmakers are crunching the numbers and looking at how america is going to pay for health care reform. senators are waiting for new cost estimates on the latest overhaul proposal from majority leader harry reid. >> over all it did say we're going to bring down taxes and costs for middle america. it did say we're going to extend the life of medicare, but this is all a work in progress. >> it's going to push more people out of private insurance in to whatever is the vehicle. it's going to make medicare a tentative program. >> the results of the cost projections are expected to determine how many democrats
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would support the senate's measure. they need 60 votes. one year could make a big difference in two senate races. the washington times is working on a story about how president ofwama's old senate seat is in danger of going to a republican. the same holds true for vice president biden's old seat in the senate. >> the latest polling in both illinois, where president obama is from and delaware, where senator biden, now vice president biden is from, show that republican challengers to the democrats are either stativitically tied or slightly ahead. >> to read more, go to endorsement trouble for tiger woods. they announced yesterday they will stop running ads for tiger woods for an unspecified amount of time.
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a consulting firm decided to cut ties completely, saying tiger is no longer the right representative. woods has taken an indefinite leave of absence from golf to focus on his family after allegations he had affairs with several women. one california town's biggest industry is causing controversy. it's legal to grow marijuana in the town. local farmers are raking in the cash, growing the plant for medical use, but the community is split on the whole thing. >> right here is a school. the dealers are right out here. >> gold mining is gone. there are no other major industries. all our community resources are desperately in need of funding. >> pot harvesting has been on the rise there since 2007, when the limit on the amount that could be grown was increased. santa claus like you've never seen him before. hundreds of boston santas hit
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the pavement for the 10th annual santa speedo run. it helps low-income teens go to college. look out. icy roads in one pennsylvania town cause a lot of accounts. see more of the slippery scene next. >> (announcer) let's say you need a little advice
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showers coming down at a pretty good pace through the whole entire morning. we are starting to see breaks in the clouds out there. the rain has finally come to an end. partly-cloudy skies out there. temperatures sitting at 37 degrees. our winds are out of the west southwest at three. humidity levels at 100 percent. because of that, we are going to see the potential for fog developing, especially as you go further north of baltimore city up towards hartford county and points west. if you're going to be driving in the morning for work, you might want to leave a little earlier because roads will be wet and have you to deal with the fog. give yourself extra time out there. 36 degrees to the north of us. 45 in new york city. 39, pittsburgh. 47 in charleston. we will see our temperatures warm's few degrees over the next couple of days. we'll see temperatures in the lower 50s. we're getting rid of this storm that had all that
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rain sopped in over the mid-atlantic moving up north of boston. even snow showers north of that. we're seeing breaks in the clouds. with that break in the clouds, we have the potential for morning fog developing late overnight tonight and we're under a fog advisory in most of the northern counties all the way to the central and western portion of the state through the overnight into tomorrow morning. we can look at how that system moves to the east. we'll get breaks in the clouds for tomorrow afternoon. we'll see plenty of sunshine. clearing conditions until tuesday. back to the west we have a chance for precipitation on the western edge of the mountains, but it looks like that should stay west of us. on tuesday we'll see mostly-cloudy skies. looks like we'll see a pretty decent temperature as well. cooler towards the middle of the week. eastern looking at 51. winds out of the north at five. we'll see that sunshineute there. still foggy conditions in the morning. 51 around the
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central portion of the state. southerly wind at 5 to 10. like i said, still that fog being a little bit of a problem in the morning. that extends out west and temperatures cooler in the western portions of the state. high of 48 with a southwest wind at 5 to 10. for tomorrow, after the fog burns off, it will be a lovely afternoon. southerly wind at 5 to 10. a look at your seven-day forecast. we get up to 54 by tuesday. mostly-cloudy skies. maybe a slight chance for a shower. 40 degrees on wednesday with more sunshine. cooler as cool air move necessary from the northwest holding on to 40. in to the weekend, nice and dry. we definitely need that drying period after getting that rain today. 42 on friday. 42 on saturday. overnight lows in the 20s. it will be a chilly night for the weekend. remember fox 45 skywatch weather is now at your fingertips. iradar available at you can
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use the powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. the tool lets you see when rain or snow will be over your house. go to and click on iradar. a blast of winter weather is causing a real mess in different parts of the country. freezing rain in pittsburgh causing major traffic troubles. cars sliding all over the place, crashing all over the city, as you can see. it got so dangerous that major roads were shut down so they could be salted. a winter wonderland in reno, nevada. it caused dangerous driving conditions. airport delays also an avalanche warning. the snow is expected to continue in to monday with as much as 30 inches fall nothing the mountains. some people were forced out here. >> helping the homeless. still ahead, meet the young volunteers who are giving their time to try to make a
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it is the 30 t anniversary for the lighting at the white house. the white house chief of staff took part in the celebration of chanukkah. the
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holiday began on friday. every sunday for 15 years, happy helpers for the homeless has been giving the needy food and clothes under interstate 83 downtown. most of their volunteers aren't even old enough to drive. >> who's out here homeless? who's out here in the street? there you go, baby. 15 years we've been down here no matter the weather. >> clothes, shoes and just pray with me. i think that's it. that goes to the front table. >> we're from the happy helpers. it's all-volunteer program where we have teenagers come out here. >> they're awesome. how old are you? >> 12. >> how old are you? you're a
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senior? >> it's great helping all those people out and sometimes getting to see their smiling faces. >> the kids get to see where we're at and get to see the struggles we go through. >> it makes me appreciate everything i have. >> amen. we are exceedingly blessed. all these people are blessed. >> it's important so they learn the importance of giving back. we're all very blessed in our lives to serve those less fortunate. >> happy helpers plans to hand out 2,000 christmas presents to the homeless next sunday. the ravens got a much-needed win today, keeping
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